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Why is clean air so important?

A key strategy in reducing the transmission of COVID-19 and other respiratory airborne viruses is to ensure that your business is equipped with the right air filtration and ventilation systems.

There are currently no recommended standards for indoor air quality in Australia. In addition, the absence of independent testing means some air purifiers do not meet product specifications or recommended targets. 


To assess adequate air ventilation and to effectively reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in your workplace, an expert is required to accurately assess  each individual space.  Using gas tracer tests to measure the air exchange rate (ACH) is recognised as the ‘world's best practice’ method of ventilation assessment.  ​

We provide independent air quality assessments, recommendations and solutions, uniquely tailored for your workplace. Our methods are guided by peer-reviewed evidence, research and independent guidelines and we provide solutions independent of any product incentives.

 Poor ventilation in your workplace may cause a number of health hazards that could be putting anyone who enters your business at risk. However, with the right approach, improving your indoor air quality in your workplace can lead to a number of benefits. 

Reduced transmission of COVID-19
& other airborne respiratory diseases
Staff confidence in returning
to the workplace
sick leave
Increased productivity
& alertness
Comfortable workplace
Safety & risk

Why shouldn't I purchase products without an expert assessment?


There is an extensive range of air purifying products available in the market and selecting the best one to suit the needs of your workplace can be a tricky process.


The absence of independent testing means some air purifiers do not meet standards or recommended targets in improving air quality or reducing COVID-19 transmission. While others may be generating harmful oxidant gases as a by-product. 


Instead of improving air quality in your business, some products could be making it worse!


Our team has the expertise to help you make the right choices and select the best air quality solution to make your workplace safe.

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Lara Bamundo, Centre Director, Annie Dennis Children's Centre

I would highly recommend AirFlo Workspace Solutions. I received a prompt response to my initial enquiry from Clare. She took the time to explain the process of CO2 testing to measure air quality and ventilation. Within a few days an assessment was organised and a report provided outlying recommendations, which also included a follow up meeting from Clare to explain all the ins and outs of the report. Clare was knowledgeable, friendly and supportive and provided sound advice. I found the experience very informative, and it provided me with the basis to move forward to improve ventilation in the play environments for the children in our education and care setting.